Piano Sonata No. 1 (1982) was commissioned by Barry Hannigan who gave the first premiere performances of the sonata. In commissioning the composition, Hannigan gave the explicit directive that he sought a work that was accessible and certainly not 12-tone. The composer took this as a challenge to write a work that was both serial and accessible but to write in such a way that neither the audiences or the pianist could perceive the underlying structure. When Hannigan premiered the work he had no idea that he was performing a strict, serial composition. The movements of this sonata utilize a traditional fast-slow-fast scheme and each movement gets progressively more diatonic (read: accessible), a function of the qualities of the row chosen for this composition.

Listen to the 3rd movement of the piano sonata as performed by Barry Hannigan:

Here is the score for the first movement of Steven Block's Piano Sonata No.1: